Turn raw thoughts

into organized concepts.

Supercharged audio note-taking. Memosa turns your voice notes, thoughts, ideas, drafts and more into organized text.

Record or upload

Just click to start. Voice your thoughts, ideas and anything else. Don't worry about 'ums' or mistakes, just speak naturally.


Write in different styles

Memosa will transcribe your voice note into any format. Tweet ideas, Journal entry, Todo List, Clean transcript etc.

AI Powered Audio Note App

Memosa let's you rewrite your text or get new perspectives on your memos and ideas.

Edit and rewrite with AI

A full featured rich text editor for you to edit your memos, powered by AI.




Research notes

Create Content

And much more

Use it anyway that helps you think and create

A full featured rich text editor for you to edit your memos, powered by AI.

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Linked to the tools you already use

A full featured rich text editor for you to edit your memos, powered by AI.

The people have spoken
And they love using Memosa
Reviewer image
Rachel Tan
Product Designer

One of the most helpful AI tools I've recently come across. Been using it daily to do things like: Turn my audio notes into actionables, Draft short video ideas, Challenging my existing PoVs. Can't lie, the design and UI is also pretty slick 😍

Reviewer image
Steven Tifft

As an attorney, my job involves lots of reading, writing, planning, and talking in court. I used to find it hard to write down my thoughts, especially when I'm on the go. Came across Memosa and it's changed how I work. Now, it's easy to record my ideas, dictate notes and save time, especially during and preparing for meetings. Love it!

Reviewer image
Benedict Koh
Corporate Treasury

This is actually such an amazing idea. Ive always struggled with voice-to-text methods of recording thoughts or ideas on the go because awkward pauses or speech fillers would cause my text to get messed up. It makes total sense to leverage AI to make these recordings coherent. Honestly, the OCD in me is the most excited about this!!!

Reviewer image
Farhan Harsh

The quality of the transcriptions is fantastic and require virtually no rework. Compared to much more expensive professional transcription tools, the results are much much much better.

One Plan, One Price
Go straight to Memosa Pro and take advantage of this limited time offer
/ month
billed annually
(You'll only be charged once your free trial ends)
Memosa Pro includes:
  • Unlimited Memos

  • Save, Search and Browse Memos

  • Up to 30 Mins/Memo

  • All Preset Rewrite Styles

  • All AI-powered Editing Features

  • Save Special Words, Terms

  • Upload your own audio files (soon)

  • Download your Memos

  • Zapier, Notion Integration


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